Celebrate International Day of Friendship by Making New Friends in Your Area

By Ranelle Porter,

By Lorelei Erisis | July 30, 2018 | 3 Minute Read

Friendship is the glue that holds our social networks together. Friends give us support, hope, laughter, adventure, quiet company, boisterous encouragement, and good times. New friends can help make the world seem smaller while greatly expanding our horizons.

On July 30th, we’ll celebrate World Friendship Day in the Greater Boston community. And in the spirit of friendship, we invite you to join us as we spotlight a number of Boston Meetup groups that you can get involved with right now. You can sing, dance, stitch, code, bike, and #Resist all while forging strong, new bonds within the community.

Embrace Your Nerdy Side or Try Networking

Where better to start than with a little nerdy fun? Or rather, Nerd Fun – Boston, a group for people who like to go to museums, learn about science, and generally geek out with like-minded folks. Maybe your interests are nerdy, but what you’re really looking for is guidance to take those interests further. Girl Develop It Boston is there for you. Open to all genders, Girl Develop It helps interested folks learn how to code, develop, and implement their great ideas while focusing on getting more women into the tech space.

Speaking of connecting and inspiring women to succeed, North Shore Women in Business is a group for professional business women to network—they meet monthly for various educational and social functions. The best part is that their monthly mixers are open to all—no charge and no reservations.

Align with Your Allies in the LGBTQ+ Community

Too much networking and nerdiness? It might be time to focus on more physical adventures. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, join with QuICK to practice your climbing skills across several locations in Boston and climb with pride!

And if you don’t like heights? You can still get physical and meet new, fun folks at the Boston Queer Contra Dance. No matter your dancing role—or if you’ve ever danced to bluegrass, Irish, and folk music—you’ll be all set. Everyone dances and the callers will teach you all of the moves.

What follows dancing better than singing? The Greater Boston Community has got you covered. Voices of Harmony invites, “anyone interested in joining a choir [that is] committed to building a better community through music and dialogue.” And building better communities is what World Friendship Day is all about.

Lend Your Voice to Social Justice Issues

Sometimes maintaining our communities and forging lasting friendships requires resistance. #Resist: Boston and a number of other Boston Meetup groups can help you join that resistance and actively work toward making our world a better place for all of us.

Even if you’re not near Boston, Meetup lists a growing number of local #Resist groups in communities spreading throughout the Greater Boston community and far beyond. And it’s okay if you’ve never marched or been to a protest. If you care about democracy, equality, or human rights, these groups will help you make a difference.

And if you’re already well-versed in social justice, or just want to help build stronger, more diverse communities and challenge racism, then you could bring yourself and some of your new friends to a meeting of the Boston Knapsack Anti-Racism Group.

Have a Little Fun, Too

Friendships are built on more though—it’s also about having fun. Whether you’re an actor or just like to play games and be silly, a little improv can help you to network while also learning how to be spontaneous and in-the-moment. Say, “Yes, and!” to stopping by The Cambridge Improv Incubator.

Finally, at the end of the day, Stitch and Wine Somerville is there for when you just need to sit down and have a drink with some good people. This group meets twice a month in Davis Square for portable crafts, snacks, and wine followed by a dash of social justice, women’s rights, and equality.

So celebrate World Friendship Day, check out some of these Boston Meetup groups, and be the change you want to see.

Embrace the spirit of World Friendship Day by getting involved in your local community while meeting new friends.