We proudly stand with and advocate for the LGBTQ community–here at Eastern Bank and beyond our walls.


We routinely donate to nonprofits and causes that support LGBTQ individuals, participate in Pride and other events throughout our footprint, and provide our employees with comprehensive health insurance that covers gender-related care, including transition-related surgery and supporting services.


Outside of Eastern Bank, we make it known where we stand on LGBTQ issues. We regularly testify at the State Houses in Massachusetts and New Hampshire in support of civil rights protections for people who are transgender, sign legislation that protects LGBTQ rights, and as a founding member of the Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce, we work to promote opportunities for LGBT-owned and allied businesses, corporations and professionals.

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Want to Make a Difference?

Then join us. Because uplifting our communities and the people who make them great isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are.